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“You’re Busy. I Get It.” reaches #1 on Amazon Kindle

The book broke the top 100 of all Kindle books sold (on day one of the campaign) and was ranked #1 in three separate categories.
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We are all“busy” with our work life and our personal life. Finding a balance between the two can challenge anyone. One of my personal challenges was taking time to read, understand and apply the advice of “self-help” books.

I found You’re Busy. I Get it. to be practical AND engaging. This short book it is full of sound, constructive advice, which you can relate to and use in your everyday life!

~ Sue Buckley Halliday, Healthcare Consultant

Joan Washburn’s book, You’re Busy. I Get It, is a must read for busy professionals. I love its short chapters with actionable tips so I didn’t have to read everything all at once before I could start implementing the ideas.

I could relate to the content in her chapters – she truly understands busy professionals and offers ideas that are doable.

~ Pat Altvater, AFP Marketing, Author, Choose Success – Ignite the Power Within

Professional and personal self-help in small bites! Each delicious chapter is fuel for a successful powerful life! Big punch minimalism! Loved it! Thank you Joan!

~Terri Bergman, Gourmet Business Owner

At every turn of the page, I was given a real tool to improve my game and even a Quick Tip on how to put it to use. If that wasn’t enough, the way Joan writes is like she is sitting here with me personally. This combination leads to success…with less stress!

~Lori Gorrell, Chief Growth Officer, Upward Solutions Coaching and Consulting